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Selling used office containers in Hanoi

10/05/2022 14:24
Using used containers as offices is considered a quick, cheap and flexible alternative to traditional concrete offices. In Hanoi, there are quite a few units selling used containers as offices, including Lisocon. 

We sell used office containers at competitive price but still ensure good quality and beautiful, new designs.

Models of used office containers sold now

The most commonly used standard container sizes are 20 feet and 40 feet. However, to meet the diverse needs of users today, people have created many different sizes from the above standard sizes. Some types of office containers today include:

20 feet office container

20 feet office container size:
Length 6m Width 2.43m Hight 2.58m

20 feet office container design:
• Insulation: Insulation with high quality rigid foam 30mm thick
• Walls and ceilings: iron frame covered with painted plywood to create a solid and luxurious look.
• Floor: The floor is made of 3cm thick wood, spread with simili or paved with stone.
• Doors and windows: made of iron, with glass outside and with a protective lock
• Paint: 3 coats with marine environment resistant paint. Light gray or as required
• Air conditioner: 1 air conditioner 12,000, 1 exhaust fan
• Electrical system: The entire wall-mounted electrical system.

10 feet office container

Dimensions of 10 feet office container:
3m long x 2.43m wide x 2.58m  high

10 feet office container design:
• 1 door 0.8m x 1.9m
• 3 aluminum sliding windows 0.8m x 1m with roof and protective iron frame
• Electrical system: 1 double power socket, 1 phone socket, 1 set of double lights, 1 exhaust fan.
• Air conditioner: 01 air conditioner 9000 BTU
• Paint color on request.

40 feet office container

40 feet office container size:
12m long, 2.43m wide, 2.58m . high

40 feet office container design:
• Insulation: all office containers are fully insulated with high quality materials
• Walls and ceilings: iron frame covered with painted plywood to create a solid and luxurious look.
• Floor: made of 3cm thick wood, spread simili or paved with stone.
• The 40-foot office container is also equipped with glass walls, windows, doors and air-conditioning.
• All office containers are equipped with lights, electricity and ventilation.
• Paint color: we have standard paint color which is light gray. However, we also provide paint colors according to customer requirements.
• Toilet: we provide 2 types of 40 office containers, with toilet and without toilet

Combined container office

Compounded from 40 feet or 20 feet office containers into larger, more airy office blocks.

What to buy used office containers?

The reason why the used office container trade has become active is because the use of office containers has become a trend in recent years. They are used to make security posts, working rooms, construction control rooms, temporary houses for employees, etc.
Under normal conditions, having to live in an enclosed space like a container is definitely not a wise choice. However, a container office with satisfactory decoration and architecture, with full facilities such as electricity and water, air conditioning and seems more comfortable and convenient for the working environment is your wise choice.
These mobile offices are convenient because they can be delivered on-site in a short time. It can also provide basic living and office space for businesses in this field such as: construction, archaeology, etc.

Note when buying and selling used office containers in Hanoi

Check the container before buying
Office containers today are often renovated from old, used containers. Therefore, when buying old office containers, customers need to check carefully to make sure that the container is not old, damaged, machinery and office furniture is still in good working order.
Choose the right container for your needs
Second hand office containers offer a wide range of sizes from 10' to 40'. Customers need to determine their usage needs based on the number of employees, furniture and furniture to choose the correct container size to avoid waste or not meet the needs.
Choosing a reputable used container office seller
There are many units selling used office containers in Hanoi with different prices and quality. Customers should choose a brand that has been operating for a long time and has a certain reputation in the market. Customers can refer to friends, relatives, colleagues or see the feedback of customers who have used the container of a certain used office container to make a decision.

Selling price of used office containers in Hanoi

When buying office containers, one of the things customers are most interested in is probably the selling price. The selling price of office containers varies from region to region in the country. For example, selling office containers in Hanoi is more expensive than in HCMC
In Hanoi, the selling price of used 20-foot office containers ranges from 55 million to 63 million/cont.
Office container price 10 feet from 45 million - 50 million dong/cont
Price of 40 feet office container from 85 million - 93 million dong/cont
There may be units for sale at a lower price than the above price. However, to ensure the container can work well, customers should not choose the type below the above price.

Factors affecting the selling price of used office containers in Hanoi

• Product quality: Depending on the quality of each container, the selling price is high or low. With new containers, good quality, long use time, the selling price will be higher and vice versa. The old containers have been used many times, the time of use is shorter, the price is lower.
• Office furniture: Furniture includes lights, electricity, air conditioning, tiling, insulation... With office containers using high-quality, new furniture, the price is of course higher than those using poor quality or used furniture
• Type of used container: The price of a 10-foot office container is cheaper than a 20-foot, 40-foot office. Therefore, customers should determine their needs in advance to choose the right type of container to avoid waste

Prestigious used office container sales address in Hanoi

With 16 years of operation in the field of selling office containers, Lisocon has become a familiar brand for customers, especially big customers in the construction industry such as Coteccons, Unicons, Newtecons, Thang Tien, etc. Our good prices are trusted and chosen by customers because not only are they cheap, but we are also committed to product quality and best after-sale services.
Not only selling used office containers in Hanoi, we also sell office containers in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong and other provinces in the country. Contact us for the best office container quote: 1900 636 028 -0906 137 168

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