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LISOCON sponsors mobile homes for anti-epidemic checkpoints in Hanoi

16/05/2022 16:10
Before the 4th strong outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Hanoi, Lisocon decided to support mobile container houses for 6 anti-epidemic checkpoints in the city.
The COVID-19 pandemic has now spread in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country, causing many places to blockade and distance themselves on a large scale.

In Hanoi, the whole city will implement social distancing according to Directive 16 of the Prime Minister within 15 days, from July 24, 2021. Accordingly, dozens of checkpoints have been established throughout the area to limit people and vehicles in and out, ensuring effective social distancing. At these checkpoints, the soldiers and staff had to work very hard when they had to constantly check the vehicles passing under the scorching heat of the Northern summer.
Understanding that, the Board of Directors of Lien Son Thang Long Joint Stock Company decided to sponsor 6 mobile container houses for 6 anti-epidemic checkpoints in Hanoi, despite difficulties when business activities were lost. due to the implementation of social distancing as well as difficulties due to scarce supply and high prices. We hope that these movable containers will help frontline soldiers have a cool and comfortable space to take advantage of rest after hard and hot working shifts.
At the same time, this activity along with previous activities such as donating money, instant noodles, porridge, rice... for isolation areas and hospitals in Bac Giang demonstrates Lisocon's responsibility to the general difficulties of society but in the immediate future is the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish to contribute even the smallest part of our efforts to the common efforts of the whole society. We hope that our Vietnam quickly overcomes this pandemic so that life becomes stable.

Here are some pictures of checkpoints sponsored by Lisocon for mobile homes:

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