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Lisocon donates warm clothes to students in mountainous Lai Chau, Dien Bien

16/05/2022 16:29
In the last days of the last year, Lisocon organized the charity program "Warm clothes for children" aimed at poor children in the mountainous areas of Lai Chau and Dien Bien, showing the spirit of responsibility and a deep sense of society.
 "Warm clothes for children" is a regular program of the company with the desire to help poor children in mountainous areas ease their difficulties, share both material and spiritual so that they have more joy in going to school.

This year's program, with the help of Lai Chau Provincial Police, the company gave 880 warm clothes and sweets to children at 5 schools in Ta Tong, Lai Chau and Tuan Giao kindergartens, Dien Bien. Not only a new shirt for the students, the company also calls for the donation of used clothes and giving them back to the people here.
This is also the last charity activity of the Company in 2021 - the year in which the Company has carried out many charitable activities, contributing to society in accordance with the Company's operating motto for many years.
Here are some pictures from the giveaway

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