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The 20 feet office container is designed with all the requirements of the office such as:
- Clean, beautiful, modern.
- Good insulation.
- It's easy to move.
– Installed equipment of major manufacturers, famous brand in the market.
- Short time of assembling

20 feet office container size:

Length 6m
Width 2.43m
Height 2.58m

20 feet office container design

  • Insulation: Insulation with high quality rigid foam, 30mm thick
  • Walls and ceilings: iron frame, covered with painted plywood to create durability and luxury.
  • Floor: The floor of the 20 feet office container is made of 3cm thick wood, spread with simili or paved with ceramic tile.
  • Door: 1 iron door (0.8×1.9m) +  glass, Viet Tiep lock.
  • Windows: 2 aluminum sliding windows (0.8×1.0m) with a roof and an iron frame to protect the outside.
  • Electrical system: The entire wall-mounted electrical system includes
           + 3 double power sockets
           + 2 phone sockets
           + 2 electrical switches
           + 1 exhaust fan switch
           + 2 15A air-conditioner aptomat
           + 2 aptomat lights and sockets
           + 1 power box with 1 aptomat 50A
           + 4 sets of lights
  • Paint: 3 coats with marine environment resistant paint.
  • Air-conditioner: 1 air conditioner 12,000BTU, 1 exhaust fan
  • Toilet:
          + Ceramic tile floor
          + partition, side door, exhaust fan, lavabo, lamp (0.6m), mirror, towel basket, paper box, garbage basket, 250 liter plastic water tank
         + Water supply and drainage system with PVC pipes

Benefits of using a 20-foot office container

• Moderate size, suitable for places with moderate area, not too big to be able to build concrete offices
• Low cost: the cost when the customer spends to rent or buy a 20 feet office container is much lower than the cost of building an office with a similar area
• Fast construction time: if you buy an available office container, it only takes 1 day to have a comfortable office
• Easily move from one location to another
• Environmentally friendly: using 20 feet office container is environmentally friendly because it produces less waste than concrete such as bricks, mortar, lime, iron and steel.
• It is clean, modern, luxurious, fully equipped like a normal office
​• Can be reused many times: when this building is finished, you can dismantle it and move it to another building for reuse. Reusable life up to 50 years under normal conditions

Application of 20 feet office container:

• Used as a security room
• Working as a mobile office at the construction site
• A temporary accommodation for employees

Prestigious addresses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for renting 20 ft container:

Lien Son Thang Long Joint Stock Company (Lisocon)
In the North of Vietnam: No. 24, Lane 85, Vu Duc Than Street, Long Bien, Hanoi
Warehouse: North Station, Yen Thuong, Gia Lam, Hanoi
In the Central of Vietnam: Road 3, Hoa Cam Industrial Park, Hoa Tho Tay Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang
In the South: No. 39, DT 743 street, Binh Thang ward, Di An, Binh Duong
Hotline: 1900 636 028 - 0906 137 168

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